Professional interpreter/translator on sake, wine and other beverages

Translation (English-Japanese, Japanese-English) on sake-related texts/documents provided.



Fully experienced on business interpretation, conference/meeting interpretation (consecutive interpretation and whispering)


Translated over 100 pages documents for overseas project of a brewery

Translated website articles/maps for Fushimi Sightseeing project (Piers’n’peers)

Fact-checking on blogs/articles on sake

Tailored Brewery/Winery Visits

Sake brewery/winery visits can be arranged with full English interpretation according to your request.

This will be an unique and eye-opening opportunity for you to stretch your legs and explore the wonders of sake making!

Discover and indulge in Japanese sake & food culture movement, along with sake tasting and “IZAKAYA”-hopping upon request

Do ask for the availability first. Fully tailored visits will be created mutually by exchanging e-mails well before 2-3 weeks prior to your visit.

Achievements as Tour Planner/Coordinator

10 years of experience as certified tour guide (Kyoto pref: EN00389)

9 years collaboration with Kyoto Centre for Community Collaboration for Kyoto-machiya tour project for machiya preservation (Deepest Kyoto Tour)-tour planning, website-building etc

Visited more than 250 breweries all over Japan (as of 2020) , arranged more than 40 private, tailored visits with sake-lovers from 16 countries (2017-2020)

Had undertaken planning sake-oriented inbound monitor tours with Akashi city and Kakogawa city, Hyogo pref.